Brooke Allie


Alexander Thomas

Brooke Allie and Alexander Thomas
Brooke Allie and Alexander Thomas

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Our Story

It all started in Gainesville. Brooke Allie and Alexander Thomas were both students at the time, attending the University of Florida (Go Gators!). One warm August evening, Brooke and some of her sorority sisters made their way into Alex's fraternity house for some drinks before heading out to Midtown. Spotting him from across the room in a seafoam green polo shirt, Brooke and Alex locked eyes, and knew they had to get the conversation started. After about 45 minutes of chatting, their beers now warm and untouched, and it was clear that these two were more interested in each other than the party. Alex got her number, and treated Brooke to lunch at the finest salad shop in all of Gainesville. From that moment on, their relationship was off and running.

In May of 2018, Alex caught Brooke by complete surprise with a proposal while wandering along the downtown Tampa Riverwalk. Fortunately, the tropical storm circling above had parted at just the right moment to give them a few minutes of sunshine; it was a moment Brooke was sure she would have predicted, but now will never forget!

Just a stone's throw away from the engagement spot sits the historic Orlo House, where Brooke Allie and Alexander Thomas invite you to celebrate their marriage this October.
Stacey Meacham